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A complete, all-inclusive transportation management system that is geared for full procurement and load management of full truckload and less-than-truckload shipments. See how Five TMS AI can transform your transportation and logistics department into a technologically advanced enterprise.

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Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

Five TMS AI is capable of managing their client’s load management and data recovery. It shouldn’t be difficult to recover lost data; using Five TMS AI, any lost or deleted data may be retrieved immediately.

Do you want Five TMS AI to manage your whole logistics and transportation department for you? 

Five TMS AI can manage and operate your logistics department

Want Five TMS AI to manage your supply chain? Five TMS AI is capable of managing your logistics and inbound and outbound orders through strategic sourcing and procurement. Five TMS will source carriers, onboard, vet, execute RFP events, and conduct spot market bidding while adhering to the budget and generating transaction reports.

Invoice auditing to 360 transportation strategy

The accounts payable menu is your accounting partner for paying carriers and reviewing freight invoices. Our strategic payables software will audit invoices, review assesorial and additional charges, and determine payment schedules and remittance for your carriers. Never receive another collection call.

A backup machine that storages all your logistics records

when it comes tothe storing of data of previous lanes or a straightforward end-of-year audit. Five TMS AI is able to backup and recover lost or deleted lanes that you have previously ran with Five TMS. Removing a load never actually deletes anything, and our servers will preserve your data for up to ten years for your convenience.

Advanced Digital Procurement


What Customers Are Saying

Martha Lewis

Experience with Five TMS AI

Our Southeast Division was invited to beta testing, and after beta testing, we signed a two-year contract with Five TMS AI because we were so impressed with its functions and feasibility. It's like having an automated authority robot check all your carriers' compliance and insurance, and our Southeast operations are automated from our procurement and bid system.

Steven Brengman

Best TMS in the market!

My name is Steven, and I am the transportation manager for Contadina. We have been using Five TMS AI for over a month. The GPS track and trace has saved us from endless wrong ETA updates from carriers. We can now track our carriers live via GPS, and we even know exactly what time the truck will arrive at our warehouse.

Raj Kumar


Ive got to say after working at Coca Cola for 20 years and trying many logistics softwares, the Five TMS AI technology is truly one of a kind and if you are a transportation manager and reading this, TRY THIS! From a logistics perspective, this is a true all-in-one solution, from marketplace procurement to digital RFPs. I am amazed and shook by the technology. We are hoping to spread the word! This will make your transportation department extremely progressive.