Why Are Shippers Switching From Prehistoric TMS Providers To Five TMS AI?

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When it comes to leading TMS, the first word that may come to mind is antiquated; however, you are not alone. With so much competition in the TMS industry, many TMS companies continue to prioritize the incorrect innovation. The TMS market is becoming a carbon copy of the current leading providers, and rather than embracing innovation, these companies choose to remain mired in the past.


According to the adage “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” the TMS industry is not broken, but rather “frozen…Ctrl, Alt, and Delete.” While Five TMS AI is launching on April 12, 2023, the market is undergoing dramatic changes, which could have a significant impact on the so-called leading TMS providers. With 32 manufacturers already using Five TMS AI and more than 23% of them coming from “TOP LEADING TMS PROVIDERS,” the industry will soon become aware of the innovation of a market that grew rapidly but remained stuck in the past.


Due to the fact that Five TMS AI is attracting the interest of leading manufacturers, their proof of concept appears to be complete. The founder of Five TMS AI always stated, “The TMS industry is in a dramatic past tense of whirlwind hurdle, and one day a new technology will really shake up the market.” The year is 2023, and Five TMS AI is doing just that, making an impact in the market at such an early stage and not technically even being released yet. Five TMS AI provides its customers with much more advantage in their operations, and with the use of AI to calibrate market rates, the industry will soon follow leading technology as these antiquated TMS are forced to upgrade their systems. Five TMS AI and its founder do not intend to compete in the marketplace; rather, they intend to innovate and create, as this is all that is required.


The advanced technology TMS is creating a better solution to today’s technology, and it is gaining a lot of attention by providing features such as RFP, cargo claims management, GPS track and trace, TL & LTL management, and much more. These are some simple tools that a manufacturer is requesting, but the market seems to ignore them and focus more on the ideal step of just competition in the market to adhere to its challenges.


Author: Michael Gravatt

*As seen on Market Watch Article*


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