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Five TMS AI advanced procurement platform enables shippers to source more rates from carriers, which provides shippers with greater coverage and, as a result, more competitive rates. Making the spot market competitive is a beneficial aspect of our sourcing. We accomplished this by creating a lowest market bid: Each carrier can view the lowest bid on a current load, thereby increasing the carrier’s competitiveness. In the majority of cases, neither shippers nor their TMS provide such sourcing options. Typically, they seek out rates and use those rates for their procurement. When sourcing rates, it is more competitive to use all available tools to reduce overhead costs and obtain a broader perspective on freight. The request for proposals (RFP) is an additional effective sourcing tool. Our RFP is entirely digital, and we offer a “open and start” RFP event in which shippers can obtain digital quotes from hundreds of carriers without ever using excel sheets. Twenty years ago, shippers used spreadsheets and email to source all of their freight. As we moved into a more advanced and digital era, smaller shippers began adopting a TMS. We are one of the few companies that actually offer Requests for Proposal (RFP), which is what makes us so unique. The benefit of our RFP is that it automatically identifies the most affordable rates and places them at the top of your list; from there, you can easily select your awarding carriers, quantity, and even turn awards into actual tenders. Schedule tenders or auto-tenders to be sent out according to your freight schedule.

Advanced Track and Trace From Five TMS AI Track Five

Five TMS AI live GPS freight tracking is one of the most cutting-edge features on the market. We have put a lot of time and effort into our track and trace and we know visibility on the road is the primary reason anyone would have a TMS. However, 98% of TMS’s on the market still do not offer live gps tracking. Five TMS are far more detailed and advanced than the majority of TMS; they resemble a TMS from Saturn… To get started, it is simple to tender a shipment to a carrier; once the carrier accepts the tender, he will request the driver’s name, truck and trailer number, and cell phone number. The driver will receive a link that will take them to the App Store, where they will download the Track Five app. There is no need to register for the app; simply enter the cell phone number and a one-time password. The app takes care of the rest, providing live location, speeding, harsh braking, complete stop, and even accident detection; now that’s visibility on the road. Everything that occurs on the road, including a live view, is visible on Five TMS, and each freight view is accessible with the click of a button. Five TMS has been the subject of extensive planning and development, and we have considered nearly every aspect a perfect TMS would require. This is why we call ourselves the all-in-one, because we truly offer everything necessary to manage an entire logistics department. Once the driver has accepted location services, he can now lock his phone and the app will continue to run in the background, something most tracking software cannot do. This is one of the unique features that makes Five TMS AI tracking superior to tracking software. Five TMS will introduce the supplier portal in the future, where shippers will be able to onboard suppliers, place purchase orders, track supplies, and monitor budgets. Five TMS will add AI advanced to the supplier portal to facilitate ordering, quick access, and user accessibility. Contact Five TMS AI for additional news and updates. Five TMS AI will debut on April 12, 2023.


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