It is here! The latest Five TMS AI update If you are reading this article, you are on our newly updated website, which features a larger host engine and a new web portal for contracts, agreements, and carrier profiles. The Five TMS AI actual software will continue to exist on a separate domain that is linked to our website; however, this new website has received a significant upgrade and a brand-new design. Let’s delve into upcoming features that are forthcoming!

If you are interested in a demo of Five TMS AI, you can simply go to the top right corner and arrange a demo via live zoom calendar with one of our account executives. This will expedite the process as compared to the typical email demo. Signing contracts and completing questionnaires are now completed digitally and online. You can sign up directly through our website by clicking sign up, and then you can sign our contracts and complete the questionnaire for a more satisfying Five TMS Ai experience.

Carriers!, you can now sign up for Five TMS AI directly through our web portal by clicking the sign up icon, select carrier, and sign our agreement along with our terms and conditions. From there, our carrier support team will give you a short tour before directing you to our market place for instant freight bidding.

We are enhancing our users’ experience by providing a more digital navigational experience on our website. Thanks to our new host engine, gaining access to our website is now much simpler. Check out our news section for more information on current events in the logistics industry; we’re launching a much larger news section at the end of May. Also, visit our careers section to view our available positions and join a successful team that is transforming the logistics industry.

Stay current with Five TMS Ai by subscribing to our newsletter to receive the most recent updates, and bear in mind that the Five TMS AI software can be launched directly from our homepage; this will get you up and running quickly! Keep in mind that Five TMS AI launches on April 18 and the launch button will not be available until then. However, if you are subscribed to our newsletter, we will provide you with more updates as we have a lot of exciting new releases coming to the market.
Happy Trucking!!!!!!!

-Your Digital Intelligent Five TMS AI  Support Team!