The Deployment of Artificial Intelligence-Based Advanced Transportation Management.

Meet Five TMS AI the reason big box TMS corporations are becoming to notice a small company with a big bite. With over 36 manufacturers using Five TMS AI prior to market launch, the company already has more customers than some TMS companies that have been in business for decades. As you are aware, a single manufacturer (shipper) ships between 12,000 and 36,000 shipments annually. Therefore, when a TMS company has only ten manufacturers, they rejoice. The company’s sophisticated capabilities, which include Digital RFP, Automated On-Boarding, Compliance, Live Shipment Tracking, and a great deal more, are primarily responsible for its growing popularity and user base. The system is able to manage full truckload and less-than-truckload freight in order to optimize rates and select carriers strategically.


With LTL capabilities and automation, it is now simpler than ever to run LTL freight, and with 19 common carriers including UPS, Fedex, Old Dominion, SAIA, and more, LTL click and ship is the most convenient approach for LTL procurement. Simply enter your LTL details, receive instant quotes from 19+ common carriers, and choose the offer that best suits your budget and desired delivery date. Our click-and-ship system is extremely detailed, providing each user with a rate breakdown, completion time, and even shipment tracking from pick-up to delivery. The LTL system also offers discounted rates from these providers, and if you already receive a discount, you can import your discounted rates as well. However, Five TMS AI receives a significant discount due to its use of LTL providers.




The most used feature is thee full truckload management and procurement, managing full truckloads and procurement of full truckload is the core capabilities of Five TMS AI. Achieving such dynamics on opertions to full truckload from building tenders to procurement of shipments isnt as easy as it sounds. Perfecting the algorithum and the mapping of each portion I guess you can say its a bit of a rocket science. Five TMS AI enables the building of full truckload tenders even when the product is in production, allowing for optimized procurement as the shipment has more time for additional bidding. With the inert status dynamics, you can plan your shipments and conduct procurement on them at a later period, based on the tenders you create. Building and preparing complete truckload tenders is rural for success in the dynamics of an ideal transportation operation.

Digital RFP

For the first time, a digital RFP is fully integrated with a transportation management system and the integration of freight budgeting and freight spend to monitor the overall performance and freight revenue of your operations. With Five TMS AI, hosting RFP events is now entirely digital, with the most advanced RFP on the market, with careful perfection and constant improvement, you can host RFP events with simplicity. The system enables the creation of start date and time and end date and time to better notify carriers of RFP events, thereby streamlining your RFP operations. With the newly added RFP instructions and questionnaire feature, you can submit any additional information per RFP event and generate questionnaires for carriers to respond prior to quoting on lanes. Our questionnaires are entirely adaptable and capable of generating questions that are tailored to your operations. The digital RFP not only hosts RFP’s digitally, but also sources rates for the most competitive bid per lane, it does this on a volume and rate basis as each carrier bids this data is gathered and stored to better understand how market rates work in each lane, this is when the AI becomes active and learns market rates on RFPs. Innovative! The system will source competitive rates for simple awarding, and once awarded you can establish volume, create waterfall tendering, and even create actual shipments directly from your RFP. Unlike other RFPs that only host your shipments, our advanced RFP allows for complete optimization.

Live GPS Track & Trace

The majority of shippers use email check calls or manual check calls to collect carriers’ ETAs. This is a very unreliable and obsolete system that cannot be relied upon. With Five TMS AI, every user receives a live gps tracking system to track all of their shipments. Our track and trace system detects severe breaking, speeding, road conditions, and traffic delays in addition to ETAs. Each shipment tendered to a carrier will prompt the system to request the driver’s cell phone number from the carrier, and each driver will receive a request to download the Track five app, with no sign-up required. Each driver’s cell phone is linked to a cargo, and an OTP is required to track the driver. Five TMS AI track and trace enables its user to obtain accurate ETAs with the touch of a button, as well as the ability to click on a tender and immediately view divers’ tracking. Download each driver’s driving record and share tracking data with your customers using our URL generator. Now thats innovation! 

In conclusion, these are a few of the exciting features that Five TMS AI offers to its customers, with new and improved features continuously being developed. Five TMS AI receives monthly updates to maintain a polished system. We understand the significance of operations, which means that when a feature is unavailable, it can have a negative impact on customers and cost a shipper thousands of dollars; as a result, Five TMS AI is continually gathering updates and enhancing their services. Our customers depend on us, and we depend on them and their feedback.