We are pleased to announce that the Pfizer corporation’s midwestern division has joined our team and will utilize Five TMS AI as their transportation management system. Pfizer’s primary objective is to implement Five TMS AI in order to live gps track and trace their shipments, plan tenders, and use AI for market rate analytics. According to Pfizer, the first deployment of Five TMS AI will be the digital RFP in order to provide improved procurement solutions.

Pfizer is a global pharmaceutical company that has helped the world combat covid-19 by assisting in the production of covid-19 vaccines. Pfizer is a multi-billion dollar corporation that dominates its industry with world-class pharmaceuticals. Pfizer is enhancing human health to establish a higher standard of living and a longer life span. Five TMS AI is thrilled to be a part of such a dominant company.

Pfizer is employing solutions to maintain supply chain dominance in light of current supply chain issues. Using Five TMS AI to monitor and trace their shipments as well as drayage and to manage tenders on a domestic level is an excellent foundation for our software. Being a part of this enormous TMS implementation makes us extremely proud to serve Pfizer and their employees.

Five TMS AI operations are currently operational on a national and international scope from the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Asia will be the next strategic target for Five TMS AI, whose present capabilities are already in use for international operations. In the immediate future, Five TMS AI will release container tracking and container management solutions.