We utilize artificial intelligence to capitalize on market rate analysis in order to collect accurate market rate data for our customers.

Market Intelligence

Five TMS AI market intelligence analysts are accumulating market rate data to provide the most precise rates for each lane.

Market Rate Analysis

Understanding the precise market rate for specific lanes is essential for cost efficiency given that each lane is unique. Five TMS AI affords you a competitive advantage.


Five TMS AI monitor all lane trendlines in order to provide you with a history of lane data for more effective negotiation strategies.

Data Security 

Regarding your data and security, we ensure that you are protected and safe. Using our API security infrastructure, we ensure your safety.

Intelligent data provides improved operations

Let Five TMS AI take your logistics and transportation department to the next level, as our technology is constantly evolving and developing through the application of artificial intelligence.



Optimum Operations

Audited Carriers

Audited and Approved Carrriers

Customers Optimized by AI Technology

Technology Driven Customers 

Experiance True Technology

Discover how Five TMS AI could influence your logistics operations.


Learn how Five TMS AI is utilizing artificial intelligence in their software to optimize rates and procurement via data learning. Five TMS AI makes use of supervised learning (regression) to zero in on market rate trendlines.

Supervised Learning

General AI

Self Learning


Five TMS AI International Logistics

Intelligent International Logistics

Intelligent Container Tracking

AI container tracking is now integrated into Five TMS AI, allowing you to track all of your containers from anywhere in the globe using only the container number.

Chassis Land Hauling Tracking

Five TMS AI now includes chassis load management capabilities, allowing you to create tenders, source chassis carriers, and monitor the precise location of every land container in real time.