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Frequently Asked Question

How long is the demo?

Our demos take no longer than thirty to forty-five minutes to cover the majority of the program. If you require further information or like to learn more about a specific menu, please contact us at support@fivetmsai.com.

How do I get more training?

We offer free training to all of our active clients, and to plan a training session, you need to schedule a demo. If you have a large number of employees that require training, please contact your Account Executive so we can accommodate your training needs, or email support@fivetmsai.com to request additional training.

can I have multiple logins and locations?

Yes, Go to the settings page and add a new user or location. From there, you can assign each user specific permissions and login credentials that you can monitor and control.

Where can my carrier receive training?

Carriers can contact carriers@fivetmsai.com or view carrier training videos in our website’s footer under the heading “Support.”

how do my carriers gain access?

Simply choose the carrier menu, then insert the carrier’s MC, DOT, and email address, and you’re done. If the audit is successful, the carrier will receive credentials.

Can a 3pl use five TMS AI?

We will have a 3PL TMS available by late December 2023.

can I access five TMS AI from anywhere?

Yes, Five TMS AI is entirely cloud-based and accessible from anywhere on the planet. Please be advised that any sanctions imposed by the United States will legally bind Five TMS AI.

how do I see my carriers information?

Go to the carriers menu and choose the attachments you wish to review. If you wish to delve deeper, visit carrier lookup and enter the carrier’s MC number.

how do I look up carriers background?

Choose the carrier menu and then click on carrier lookup to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of carrier background reports.

where can I get more support?

With a variety of assistance features throughout Five TMS AI. We give support on our website under the support footer, or you can submit a ticket to our technical support team for a speedy response. If none of these support still don’t complete your support help please email support@fivetmsai.com