Beta Case Studies 

Five TMS AI has conducted over 34 beta case studies, and some of these customers’ operations were significantly impacted by improved compliance, visibility, and cost effectiveness.

Exploring The Unexplored

Five TMS AI the most tech in logistics learn how Five TMS AI is giving shippers an advantage to their overall operations.

Cost Optimization

When it comes to selecting pricing on freight procurement, Five TMS AI provides the best competitive advantage.


Never again allow compliance and insurance to affect your business

Operations Management

Automation of truckload and less-than-truckload management. Five TMS AI can even construct tenders and procurement 

Del Monte Southeast

Five TMS AI has collaborated with the Del Monte Southeast branch to undertake beta case studies, and we wanted to get to the root of our product. What is the product’s capability, and is it worthwhile to implement Five TMS AI in your operations? Find out what Del Monte had to say and the outcomes of our beta tests.

Heartland Coca Cola

Manual data entry and a rival TMS that generated more problems than answers were used to manage operations at Coca-Cola Heartland. During beta testing with Five TMS AI, Heartland Coca-Cola not only increased their visibility and cost, but also completely restructured their operations to a more efficient model.

Procurement and load management doesn’t have to be so hard

Five TMS AI is here to automate and simplify operations so that managing freight and procurement while ensuring carriers are in compliance is no longer a hassle.

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