Five TMS AI is an innovative TMS that offers essentials such as automated carrier compliance and insurance auditing/monitoring to its users. Five TMS AI assesses each carrier from compliance to insurance and monitors the carrier 24 hours a day, seven days a week to protect your business from non-compliance and expired insurance when you request a carrier to be on-boarded to your network. Five TMS AI will safeguard your enterprise.

Carrier Score Ratings


Five TMS AI internal score card ratings constitute a carrier score card for the entire platform. Each time a shipment is completed, you will be asked to rate the carrier out of five stars. This score is aggregated across the entire platform from all shippers, providing you with precise, accurate feedback from other shippers’ experiences with the carrier, allowing you to make greater carrier decisions with greater confidence.

Enterprise Compliance

Compliance Automation

Integrated into Five TMS AI is a certified carrier compliance and insurance auditing system. This provides the highest level of protection for your enterprise. We audit and then supervise each carrier.




Backend Monitoring

We Run The Back End Monitoring

Before onboarding and auditing a carrier, you can use the carrier lookup to view all of their information, including safety ratings and more, based on their MC number. Per second, five TMS AI servers are capable of monitoring thousands of audited carriers. This is the pinnacle of technological advancement.




Enterprise Compliance and Insurance Monitoring

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