Execution In Supply Chain

True execution is the result of meticulous preparation and automation; let Five TMS AI provide you a competitive edge to conquer your logistical challenges.

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The Execution

The secret to success is precise planning for flawless execution.

Carrier Execution

Transporting freight with the proper carrier should not be difficult. Using Five TMS AI, we match your freight with the optimal carriers. With over 38,000 carriers ready to transport your shipments.

Freight Execution

Knowing your lanes is crucial to effective strategy. Five TMS AI retrieves lane data in order to strategically assess market rates. This is accomplished by analyzing past lane pricing to determine market rates per lane.


Get a competitive advantage by deploying Five TMS AI automation from load management to procurement to keep dock space clear and shipments tracked.


Digital RFP

Run RFP events fully digital while awarding waterfall tenders

Set start and finish times for RFP events, allow carriers to submit bids, and our procurement system will optimize sourcing to identify the most competitive rates for straightforward awarding. Establish waterfall tenders for your carriers from first to twenty and beyond.

Cargo Claims Manager

With Five TMS AI, filing and managing cargo claims is now easier than ever; you can file claims directly on the platform and monitor their status.

Directly File Claims To Insurance Providers

Each submitted cargo claim is sent directly to the insurance provider.

Track Cargo Claims

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Check Status Of Payouts

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