We Provide You 360 Visibility On The Road

Five TMS AI’s live GPS tracking system is the most advanced on the market. With our GPS track and trace system, you can track all of your shipments and know precisely what is happening on the road, including monitoring for sudden braking, speeding, and ETA. We can also provide you with traffic and weather conditions to alert you of any potential delays.

Track and Trace Features


Live GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking feature ensures accurate location updates, helping you maintain optimal efficiency and improved decision-making.


Harsh Breaking Alerts

This feature promotes safer driving habits, minimizes risk, and aids in maintaining the integrity of your shipments.


Whether Conditions

. This tool provides valuable weather information for your routes, enabling proactive adjustments and ensuring the safety and timeliness of your deliveries.


Precise ETA

With our advanced algorithms, we provide highly accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for all your shipments.


Speeding Alerts

This tool promptly notifies you if a driver exceeds the speed limit, promoting safer driving practices and helping to maintain the quality and integrity of your shipments.


Traffic Conditions

This tool provides up-to-date traffic data, helping you avoid delays, plan optimal routes, and maintain on-time deliveries.

Meet Digital RFP

Advanced Procurement

Budget RFP's

Establish budgets on RFPs and monitor them while awarding shipments to carriers.

Auto Rate Sourcing

With automated rate sourcing for each RFP event, the most competitive proposals will rise to the top for straightforward awarding.

Fully Digital

Eliminate excel documents and email requests and invite carriers digitally using a comprehensive RFP event management system.

Advanced Awarding & Tendering

Tender Awarded RFP’s directly on Five TMS, Our system keeps track of each awarded carrier and quantity. Waterfall your tenders or schedule each tender.