Five TMS AI rise in the market

In the early part of 2022, the former directors of transportation and technology businesses formed Five TMS AI. After working in the logistics and supply chain business for over a decade, we realized that the industry desperately needed better software for managing their operations than what was already available.


The manufacturing industry inspired the development of Five TMS AI. The purpose of Five TMS AI was to offer an effective solution to the procurement and transparency issues facing the freight sector.


While considering available choices The market is saturated with transportation management systems (TMS), but they’re all pretty much carbon copies of one another. Five TMS AI understood that differentiation via innovation was the key to their success, so they built a single platform to handle everything from production to truck.

Market Penetration

The TMS market is a highly competitive market, and as a result of the current inflation of procurement rates, the market is shrinking. Five TMS AI wanted to take the market concept of procurement, as many TMS on the current market do not provide good procurement and visibility solutions. Many of them only provide capacity management services. This is the reason why Five TMS AI is attracting early market interest.


When Five TMS AI was released, it brought about a radical innovation in logistics technology thanks to its five cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) servers, hence the moniker Five TMS. Five TMS AI is a groundbreaking breakthrough in the logistics industry, featuring market rate optimization, load management, tendering, TL and LTL procurement, and more.

Mission Statement

Our objective is to create an innovative unit of software that will finally put an end to all of the absurdity that has been the norm in this industry. We aimed to launch a service or product that would make clients more reliant on our technology in their day-to-day operations. We credit the input and use of our customers as the driving force behind our success.