Five TMS AI Procurement Execution

Spot Marketplace

Run spot bids to procure instant and quick rates.

Carrier Marketplace

Run lane bids through marketplace with 38,000 vetted carriers.

Digital RFP

Digital bidding for quarterly, annual, and one-time RFP events.

Dedicated Bidding

Recieve aggressive bidding on dedicated lanes from network and vetted carriers.

Carrier Decision Strategy

Five TMS AI Carrier Selection Strategy

Selective Carriers

Choosing the appropriate carrier for each cargo can be difficult; however, with Five TMS AI, we match the appropriate carrier with each shipment.

Strategic Sourcing

Receive vetted carrier bids and competitive book now procurement; sourcing carriers is now entirely automated.

Load to Carrier Matching

Send truckloads to the market and match them with the highest quality carriers that operate the same routes for the greatest competitive advantage.

Location Services

Route Optimization

Our specialty is designing the most cost-effective logistical routes. We optimize routes by integrating miles, tolls, and other factors to provide routes that are both efficient and economical.

Our Promise To Our Customers

Five TMS AI has pledged to their customers that compliance, procurement, and execution will take precedence. We have accomplished this by delivering devoted services and personnel to tackle market issues and build the most advanced technologies for our clients.

We will continuously update our technology and services to remain competitive and in demand. We have witnessed our competitors become antiquated and lost in technology, abandoning their customers. Five TMS AI pledges to improve its technology and service on an annual basis.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility,

Digital Procurement

From the marketplace to the digital RFP, our advanced procurement enables simple freight sourcing and awarding. With years of research in market rate data science, we’ve incorporated actual market rate analysis to provide you with market rate estimates for every lane. Never overpay for freight again.

Advanced Digital RFP

Organize RFP events with our digital RFP, completely avoid draining Excel sheets, and experience a more modern approach to procurement. In addition to sourcing rates for the most competitive offers, our digital RFP will also generate tenders from waterfall to automated tendering. Five TMS AI provides the greatest competitive advantage on the market.

Carrier Selective Matching

Choosing the ideal freight carrier should not be difficult. Five TMS AI collects your lane information as well as the carrier’s preferred lane and conducts a match every time to find the ideal carrier.

Market Rate Evaluation

Understanding the market and market rates should not rely on bids from carriers. Five TMS AI artificial intelligence collects market rates by consistent analysis of historical and current lane data to determine market rates.