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GPS Driver Tracking

Live GPS tracking of all shipments with the Track Five system; see your driver on a real-time map with estimated arrival times and road conditions.

Insurance Monitoring

Directly submit cargo claims to insurance providers and receive claim status updates. Improve your cargo claims management

Auditing & Vetting

Protect your business with our automated compliance carrier on-boarding. Analyzes each carrier from compliance, insurance, bankruptcy, and past history.

Freight Spend Data

Understanding your daily or weekly freight expenses gives you a clearer idea of whether or not you’re going over budget. Five TMS AI enables its users to receive alerts whenever a budget is exceeded, and our system’s market rate trendlines provide the most accurate rate estimate on each lane, ensuring that you never overpay for freight.

Data That Optimizes Each Input

Freight Spend and Budget Analysis

Track your freight spend and analyz freight budge to maximum your freight savings.


Learn how Five TMS AI can save you over 32% on your freight budget by signing up for the industry’s most advanced and reliable transportation management system.