Spot Marketplace

With the spot market, your carrier network will have the opportunity to bid on your freight, and with transparent bids, they will be able to know what the lowest bid was for each shipment, thereby maintaining competitiveness among carriers.

Your Carrier Network

Maintain command over your carrier network, all in a single location with Five TMS AI. Facilitate spot marketplace shipments effortlessly within your carrier network. We diligently audit and vet each carrier, who in turn receive logins to connect to your portal. This access allows them to bid on freight, accept shipments, and upload necessary documents. Upon subscribing to Five TMS AI and successful onboarding, your carriers gain free access to logins, since they are linked to you, ensuring a seamless and efficient network operation.

Transparent Bidding

Leverage the power of transparency with Five TMS AI’s spot marketplace. When running bids, your carriers gain visibility into the lowest bid made within your network, fostering a competitive environment for sourcing the most economical offer. This transparency enables you to secure the best possible price within your network. Once a bid is submitted, Five TMS AI notifies each carrier of the lowest bid, keeping them competitive and motivated to offer aggressive rates. With Five TMS AI, ensure transparency and foster competitive bidding in your network.

Instant Quotes

At Five TMS AI, we have streamlined the bidding process for freight, making it effortless for carriers. Our robust notification and alert system keeps all carriers in our platform informed, whether it’s marketplace or spot bids. Carriers receive instant alerts about new loads that require their attention. With our user-friendly interface, carrier interactions become a breeze. Our overarching strategy is to blend simplicity in the front end with advanced back-end capabilities, powered by AI, creating a seamless and efficient experience for all users.

Relationship Building

Five TMS AI is engineered to facilitate and strengthen relationships. Our system empowers carriers to create comprehensive profiles, providing shippers with in-depth understanding of each carrier’s history and background. With Five TMS AI, you maintain control over the standards and relationships with your carriers, fostering stronger bonds. The ease of interaction offered by our user-friendly dashboard and interface further enhances the relationship-building process. With Five TMS AI, you are never far from your carriers.

Competitive Bidding

Five TMS AI offers four diverse procurement methods, enabling users to select the most cost-effective bidding system that aligns with their operational requirements. By leveraging our digital RFP’s or marketplace, you can improve visibility and freight coverage. What sets us apart is our AI-driven learning mechanism which gains insights from your operations over time. It then suggests the most suitable procurement types for specific lanes, ensuring optimal cost savings and efficiency.

Carrier Marketplace

The carrier marketplace enables you to send your freight to more than 38,000 audited carriers who can submit bids for your freight. This is an excellent resource for expanding your carrier network or obtaining more competitive pricing.

Expand Carrier Network

Elevate your carrier network with Five TMS AI, featuring a marketplace abundant with over 3000+ carriers primed to bid and execute freight movement with superior quantity and quality. Boasting one of the most active marketplaces globally, Five TMS AI guarantees real-time bids from authentic carriers, not automated bots. Our system facilitates genuine matches with carriers, inviting them to bid on your freight and more. Upholding strict standards, every carrier in our system undergoes thorough vetting and auditing to ensure their active status in our system. Expand, engage, and excel with Five TMS AI’s robust carrier network.

Instant Book Now

Optimize your freight movement with our ‘Book It Now’ feature in the marketplace or spot bids creation process. Simply set a budget rate, and any carrier willing to run your freight for that exact price can choose the ‘Book It Now’ option and get assigned the load immediately. This feature not only expedites freight movement but also eliminates haggling. It paves the way for a smoother workflow between the carrier and the shipper, minimizing logistical challenges and ensuring freight movement at an optimal pace. Experience efficiency redefined with Five TMS AI.

Extended Coverage

Securing additional freight coverage can often be a complex and time-consuming task. The onboarding of new carriers usually involves weeks of vetting and auditing. With Five TMS AI, such challenges are a thing of the past. Our platform already hosts a network of thoroughly vetted and compliant carriers, ready to handle your last-minute shipments or aid in the expansion of your current network. Through our automated system, you gain access to a live marketplace, where real carriers are ready to bid on your freight. Upon accepting a carrier, our system facilitates their document signing and load assignment within just 45 minutes. The result is a new carrier with your products on a truck, in under an hour, without compromising compliance, insurance or documentation. Now that’s innovation with Five TMS AI.

Quality Carriers

In the freight industry, maintaining quality can often be a challenging endeavor. With Five TMS AI, we ensure that quality remains at the forefront of our services. Our system actively monitors and tracks carrier performance, and we maintain a high standard by retaining only top-performing carriers on our platform. Five TMS AI is more than just a platform; it’s a community that honors and values high-performing carriers. Our unique review system enables users to rate carriers out of 5 stars after each completed load. Carriers who fall below a 3-star average are removed from our platform to maintain an optimum performance standard. The balance we strive for is straightforward: top-tier performance coupled with competitive pricing. With Five TMS AI, quality assurance is not just a promise but our modus operandi.

Last Minute Coverage

Navigating through last-minute shipping scenarios can be a daunting challenge, but not with Five TMS AI. Our advanced platform allows you to confidently say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty that last-minute shipping often brings. Our unique carrier marketplace boasts an array of live, active carriers who are continuously seeking new freight opportunities. This proactive community ensures that time-sensitive freight is moved promptly and efficiently. Our marketplace isn’t just a platform; it’s a dynamic, real-time ecosystem with no intermediaries. Moreover, each carrier you engage becomes a new addition to your expanding network, reducing chances for delays or miscommunication. With Five TMS AI, last-minute shipping challenges are a thing of the past. Our strong network equips you with the resources needed to handle any shipment, no matter the time constraint.

Load Management

Full Truckload

Manage full truckload freight and monitor both inbound and outbound shipments.


Receive instant rates and book LTL directly with over 19 LTL carriers.

Digital RFP

With sourcing optimization, eliminate Excel sheets and execute all RFPs digitally.

GPS Track and Trace

Monitor and trace all of your shipments via GPS using our driver tracking system.

Full Service

An All In One

A transportation management platform should do more than just organize your freight and keep you informed. A TMS should be a sophisticated platform that allows you to make better carrier decisions, acquire your freight, and manage network carriers while tracking compliance and procuring your freight. Our artificial intelligence is continually learning from your inputs, and the more freight you ship, the better your freight is optimized. Let an all-inclusive TMS to improve your logistics department.

  • Digital RFP
  • Marketplace
  • TL & LTL Load Management
  • Compliance and Auditing
  • Cargo Claims Management
  • GPS Track and Trace

Freight Data

Freight Data at Your Fingertips

Gain immediate access to insights on freight spend, lane scorecards, on-time deliveries, and carrier performance. Benefit from real-time market rates, comprehensive freight spend reports, and in-depth cargo claims analysis. This potent data suite transforms your decision-making, enhancing efficiency and optimizing your freight management. Make informed, data-driven choices with ease and confidence. In the dynamic world of logistics, knowledge truly is power.

  • Shipping Lane Analytics: Thorough performance evaluations for each shipping route.
  • On-Time Deliveries: Accurate stats about punctuality.
  • Carrier Performance: Objective data on your carriers’ performance.
  • Real-time Market Rates: Stay updated on the latest freight costs.
  • Freight Spend Reports: In-depth analysis of your spending habits.
  • Empowering data-driven decisions: Utilize data to improve efficiency and optimize freight management.
  • Knowledge is Power: Stay informed and confident in the dynamic world of logistics.

Built In Systems

Four types of procurement

Five TMS AI presents four dynamic procurement options. Our Spot and Carrier Marketplaces expedite bidding within your network and against ready-to-bid carriers respectively, fostering growth and competitive edge. With Digital RFP, ditch Excel sheets for automated rate sourcing and direct-from-platform tendering. Finally, our Dedicated Management tool allows you to handle dedicated shipments, assign carriers and rates, and maintain lean budgets all in one place, facilitating seamless operations.

Custom API Integrations

At Five TMS AI, we place great emphasis on customization. With our tailored API integration services, you can seamlessly connect your desired application with our system. Simply reach out to our dedicated Account Executives with your requirements. We typically require 3-5 days to complete an API connection. For more details on our custom API connections, we encourage you to consult our terms and conditions.


Equipped with the industry’s most sophisticated live GPS tracking, Five TMS AI delivers comprehensive visibility into your shipments. Our fully-integrated track and trace system follows carrier drivers from departure to arrival, eliminating the need for manual ETA data. Gain real-time insights even on third-party carriers as our intelligent tracking system monitors ETA’s, harsh braking, speeding, and even road and weather conditions, keeping you informed at all times. Our user-friendly platform simplifies tracking into a straightforward process, making it as easy as 1,2,3. With Five TMS AI, gain the peace of mind of always knowing exactly where your shipments are.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence with Five TMS AI, designed to continuously learn from user experiences to address daily logistical challenges more efficiently. Our AI system is perpetually refining its understanding of route optimization and cost analysis, consistently offering enhanced suggestions and alternative routes. With automated route generation and mileage calculation for new loads, our AI positions itself as a global solution for improved cost optimization. Built from scratch with a singular objective, our AI is dedicated to enhancing your operations, reducing costs, and tackling real-world problems, whether it’s coverage issues or freight expenditure. Trust our AI to revolutionize your operations.