How do I file a cargo claim?

Click on “claims” on the left menu and select file a claim, input details requested and each cargo claim will go directly to the carrier insurance provider and the carrier. You can also file claims directly from load details at the upper right corner.

How can I look up carriers background?

Select the “carriers” menu, then go to “carrier lookup” in the upper right corner and enter the MC# or DOT# of the desired carrier.

How do I see current market rates per lane?

As soon as you build a load and enter the load’s equipment and address, a market rate will automatically appear, displaying the current market rates along with a trendline for the previous year.

I have tendered a shipment to my carrier, but it is not being tracked via GPS.

There are several factors to this,

A: The carrier has not entered the driver’s information or mobile phone number. The system will display the information under “driver details” if it has been entered by the carrier.

B: The shipment is NOT picking up within 24 hours of the scheduled time (if it’s first come, first serve, the date and time you specified in the cargo details will apply). Only shipments within 24 hours will have tracking initiated.

C: The driver is not currently en route to your location. Our intelligent systems can determine whether the driver is en route to your pick-up location; however, for the driver’s privacy, tracking will not begin until he is en route and within 24 hours.


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How long does it take to on-board a carrier?

Once a carrier has been requested through our automated carrier on-boarding, it takes our audit system no longer than 45 minutes to complete a full 360 audit of the carrier. This includes an audit, insurance certificate ( certificate holder request), a signed NDA, and a signed contract. If your NDA’s and contracts are managed by Five TMS AI, we will send out numerous alerts for these documents. The only cause of delays is if the carrier takes too long to sign your documents.

When auditing a carrier, exactly what is examined?

When on-boarding a carrier through Five TMS AI, our systems will check the carrier’s compliance, safety ratings, crashes, inspection reports, corporate filings, bankruptcies, other corporations, insurance, insurance ratings, past claims, past paid out claims, past unpaid claims, and whether the carrier is a broker or an asset. Our systems also examine the documentation of carriers for any altered or forged documents.

How does the carrier marketplace work?

When it comes to procurement, you can submit your freight to the carrier marketplace where over 32,000 audited and vetted carriers can bid on your shipments. Keep in mind you dont have to send your bids to the carrier marketplace but if you do, you will recieve bids promptly. If you do select a marketplace carrier when awarding freight, we still do an on-boarding and documents signature before they are added to your network. 

I want Five TMS AI to send out my documents each time I on-board a carrier.

During your registration with Five TMS AI in the questionnaire if you have selected “NO” for Five TMS AI to submit your documents including NDA, Contracts, carrier packets and such you can contact our support team to change your account to “Yes”. We will just require those documents from you and each time you on-board a carrier those documents get sent to the carrier automatically and once we recieve them back from the carrier, we do scan each document for any forgery or document altering. 

How to accept a tender?

You will receive an email and platform notifcation each time a shipment is tendered, go to “my loads” menu and you will see the tenders in “yellow” select the tender and press accept. If you wish to decline a tender simply select decline, your shipper will be notified if you do decline the shipment.

How do I submit bids on the spot market?

Each time your shippers invite you to bid on spot marketpalace, simply click on “spot marketplace” on the menu and from there you will see all the freight sent to you to submit bids on, you can make offer by selecting submit offer on each shipment you wish to be awarded.

How do I use the carrier marketplace?

Select “marketplace” from the menu to view all loads available for bidding on the marketplace. Note that some loads are book it now and others are offers only. If a load’s price appears in the bottom right corner, it is bookable immediately. This means that if you can operate it for that price, you can immediately accept the shipment. To view additional information about a shipment, click on the load. Additional information about the load will appear. After being allocated a marketplace load, you will be notified and onboarding will commence. Following your embarkation, the tender will be sent to you.


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Where can I see all the bids I submitted?

On the primary menu, select “bids”, this will display all of your submitted bids that are awaiting shipper.

How do I change my bid in the spot market?

You can modify your quotation by selecting “bids” from the menu and navigating to the shipment in question.

When responding to an RFP, may I resubmit bids?

If the RFP is still open, you may return and revise your proposals as often as you like until the deadline has passed. After the RFP has been concluded, bids cannot be altered or resubmitted. Remember that you can view the time remaining of the RFP at the beginning of the RFP menu.


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